There is certainly much more to a flat iron than just hot plates that go on your hair. I want to say, that’s the basic purpose but your selection can be a lot easier when you look for certain features.

By The Numbers

temperature numbers
LCD readout for exact temperatures
If you own sensitive hair, you must think of a choosing a flat iron with a digital read out. The exact temperature can be a problem when you have an easy-to-damage hair, as well as the difference between 275 and 300 degrees may be a big deal. You need an iron which you can pick an exact temperature on so that you don’t risk severe damage from overheating.

One more thing to consider when you are purchasing a flat iron that is actually where the controls are located. A lot of people get very irritated by the irons which have buttons on the exterior, as because they hit them while they’re straightening. In case, the buttons don’t lock, which means you may change the temperature without noticing it.

Perfect For Scatterbrains

Automatic shutoff is a necessity in my house, I’m not permitted to bring an iron home that doesn’t have this feature. I work really hard and have a plenty on my “plate”, that makes me more than a bit scatter-brained. I have burned up more than one counter with my iron, however if you ask my husband he’ll say I BURNED UP ALL THE COUNTERS EVER.

Although that part isn’t true, I don’t actually a have a great reputation on this front. The majority of the flat straighteners I’ve had 30 minutes auto shut-off features when others have one-hour auto shutoffs. Things longer than that is actually a waste of time because, by that time, you might have already done some certain serious damage to a surface in your home.

Keep It Shut

A number of irons have locks which can be used when you’re done so that it keeps the hot sides off of a surface or counter. They also help you to wrap up and close your iron while you’re done with it for the day. I don’t consider these are a necessity, however, something that helps keep my house safe as well as the hot plates away from my counter is a fairly big deal to me.

Hand Stands

hair straightener stand
Protect your hair straightener and its surfaces
You will get different kinds of stands for irons which will help you keep them off the counter. These are possibly more useful than locks, also, they can help you protect both your iron and surfaces. A few irons come with stands which can be hidden on the body when the irons are being used, as well as others have independent strands that the iron fits into.
Anyway, it’s most likely a good idea to have a place to keep your straightener when you’ve unplugged it. Most of the independent stands have suction caps which will keep everything in place should it get jostled when it’s not in use.

Flat Mats!

Probably the most important stuff I have ever experienced for a hair straightener was the most inexpensive thing I have purchased. I have a silicon hot mat I am able to set my straightener on. In case I forget to turn it off, the mats captures all the heat and none of it can get transferred to my counter.

I think it may cost about $5, which is the very definition of a belt and a suspenders. I have not ever seen any flat iron come with one, however, it's one of the greatest investments make to keep the heat of your flat iron exactly where it's supposed to be, on the straightener!

So What Exactly D'Ya Need?

In case, you're trying to make a decision which type of iron to get, these are generally a few things which can help. There are just two things on the list I feel everyone needs, and those are auto shutoff and a hot mat. Other remaining parts are negotiable though they're definitely not bad ideas. Whatever you can do to keep your home in a single piece and your hair from frying is obviously worth it if you ask me!
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