If you're trying to make up your mind what type of flat iron to buy, it's quite easy to get wrapped up in the idea of a $20 straightener that swears you will definitely get the look you want. In some cases, you become lucky and get a really good tool for your hair which is inexpensive. However, most of the time you'll get the quality on a cheap option is way below that of a higher priced one, therefore you could regret not springing for the better model.

beautifully styled flat iron

Style Staying Power

When you don't get sufficient consistent heat on your hair throughout the few straightening passes you take,  your hair won't remain straight during the day. Perhaps it will look straighter than it did, but also the frizz will come back in some from.

Lots of cheaper hair straighteners don't heat up sufficient to get the right amount of heat on your strands, or even they don't possess a consistent heat all over the plate. Low consistency results in hot spots that mean you'll end up getting a half frizzy, half perfect mane that simply looks like a hot mess.

The plates matter

wear of coating
Protective coating won’t last as long on cheaper plates
While you are shopping for irons, you'll notice a lot of different statements about the type of material used in the plates, but low-priced irons hardly ever have plates  which will last for a long time. They are usually made of metal or glass (none of these conduct heat well), which means that a great number of "non-straight" hair!

You could be able to get a low-cost straightener like Remington S5500 Digital which is ceramic plated. Which means the iron has metal plates coated with a ceramic covering, and which coating is likely to wear off with time. Since it wears, the capacity to hold heat goes with it.

Heat Hot Heat

Be sure you know what you're receiving before spending any money in a cheap iron. Professional hair straighteners are made to help you use the minimum amount of heat on your hair and also help you get a well-distributed result. Cheap flat iron may require you to pump the heat amount completely up to get enough control of your hair, and which increases the chance of damaging your locks.

Floating On Air

One important thing a lot of people don't understand about flat irons is the most effective ones have plates which are not totally suffixed to the housing. If you don't understand how it works, it seems like a bad idea to have really hot things that are not protected, though I can assure you they are. Floating doesn't indicate the plates come off. This means they move just sufficient to be able to flex. The flexibility allows the two sides to adjust depending on the angle to get as close as close to each other as possible. The closer the plates get, the more it will be possible to clamp the hair correctly.

iron plates matter
Floating plates for better grip and heat distribution
Cheap straighteners possibly have fixed or a single floating plates which mean that there can be areas of the plates that won't touch since they can't get close to each other. When they can't able to get close enough, they can't straighten and also you'll be unable to get the proper amount of heat on your hair. Exactly what should be a 10 or 20-minute job turns into an attempt to straighten your entire head with a 1-inch by 1-inch square of heat, which will take an eternity.

 So What Do You Do?

There is certainly a big difference between higher priced and ridiculously priced irons, therefore I am not telling you must go out and spend several hundred dollars on a hair straightener. A number of irons that fall in the $40-$60 range may be enough for those people who don't straighten regularly or the people who have very agreeable hair. Try out the BaBylissPro Porcelain Plate Flat Iron that I reviewed here for a mid range that I think an appropriate choice.

If you know that your hair is a little bit of more difficult to get manage then you may need to invest as much as $100 or even a little more to get a flat iron that well for very frizz prone, coarse locks. Try out the  Izunami Ktx450 Hair Straightener to have your mane the way you want it.

When you get the appropriate hair straightener, the price isn't a huge deal as because it will last for years. Not everybody must have a collection like mine. You just have to put well enough money into a single option that it will certainly do the job nicely without breaking, frying or even frizzing your tresses.
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