While you are trying to choose what type of flat iron you need to buy, it may be overwhelming to find out where to start because there are a lot of different manufacturers. The process will become much   easier when you know exactly what to expect from each brand, and also exactly where they fall on the price spectrum.

When a great brand can make a bad iron, and an ordinary brand is actually capable of making a stellar option they are generally pretty true to form overall. This useful  guide may help you point to the best hair straightener for you based on the amount of money you want to spend and the quirks they offer. 

CHI Flat Iron

chi flat iron
Easily the most popular flat iron company CHI among the first to produce a ceramic straightener, and also there are a lot of people who swear by the plates on a Chi. These are made to last for several years, available in every size, color, and provide all sorts of features.

The company has exploded as their first flat iron, and exactly what was previously a $200 straightener and now fall under you for as low as $50 in some circumstances.

Babyliss Pro

babyliss pro
One of the largest brands in professional hair straighteners you're probably to notice in the salons or beauty supply shops is BabylissPro. They have got plenty of devotees,  but their flat irons can be very hit or can be a miss.

They cost you anything from $60 up to over $100, and also they offer features like as wet-to-dry, tourmaline, titanium and some others.


Another brand that you're likely to find more in a drug store and not in a is Conair. Their flat irons are a slight advance from most of the low-priced straighteners found in big box stores. They are generally a little more costly (within $40), so they offer better options compared to bottom-of-the-line Straighteners.

Considerably, they are yet consumer grade instead of professional despite the "Pro" in the "Infiniti Pro" label ( the straightener  I reviewed here). They are not going to be the iron that you keep forever in case you straighten every day but they do sell a great number of units so that there must be certain happy customers out there. For occasional use, you will do very well with a Conair hair straightener.

Hot Tools

If you're trying to find a straightener that is firmly planted in the entry-level collection that isn't drug store quality, take a look at Hoot Tools. They have several different options to browse through and although they are not perfect, they are pretty good if you want it for occasional straighten.

They prove hair straighteners in the $25-$80 range throughout with every style and every material.


HSI is quite an interesting company. They possess some extremely highly  rated and pretty high ends irons along with a handful of lower-end options which appear to miss the mark completely. They certainly go outside of the types of traditional manufacturers who generally go along with either professional or consumer level models without much overlap.

Having said that, the high-class HSI Straighteners don't seem to have the staying power the cost (higher than $100) should merit. The mid-range irons however, go down in the $40-$80 range along with the advantages are will be more in the line with the price.


If you're likely to grab a flat iron in a drug store, the chances are it will likely be something similar to a Remington. Remington products frequently fill up the stores and they are not usually professional irons. Although they provide many features, they are probably not likely to be the flat irons you keep for years.

From time to time a Remington straightener sticks out as a fairly good option for more than just casual use, however for the most part the cost on these aligns with the quality standard you get. Having said that, there is a good reason they sell so many irons, and that is if you aren't seeking out for a professional iron I think you'll be more than just happy with the Remington.

Bio Ionic

For mostly high-end and well adored flat irons, Bio-ionic is the best option. They are among the few companies with straighteners that get up to nearly $300 in price. I don't recommend going that much high because personal preference.

Generally, in the event that you're seeking out investing more than $100 you can't make a mistake with a flat iron from this company.


A little contender in the race, Solia present entry-level professional straighteners that are simply enough for most of the people to acquire what they want.

I don't consider the quality can there be yet but since some other straighteners end up having failing parts, yet they are worth looking at in case you don't desire to make a huge expense as many are in the $60 range.


For a company that actually operates the gamut between entry level and also low-end flat irons, but the Izunami ( or Izutech ) provides all the options.

Their higher end straighteners get excellent reviews, and also their Ktx450 hair straightener is really as close to ideal as a flat iron can get, even though I possibly wouldn't spend money on the $60 range versions due to reliability.


Another entrance into the mid-level market, Rusk provide straighteners vary from $40-$80, however they come with professional options that work well beyond that.

They don't have excellent reviews, but they have a good number of lovers who support the quality. They are available in all sizes and colors and certainly tailor to a professional clientele.


Another way more establish a company, Croc creates professional flat irons in lots of different materials and sizes. In fact, they specialize in a unique straightener shape which is easier to clamp and also more comfortable on the hand.  They don't keep closed while they're cooling, however they do the job for straightening and keeping hair straight. The merely actual complaint is that they do get a bit too hot at times, however this can be neutralized by watching the temperature. Croc Straighteners run between $75 to more than $100 for professional options.

Some Other Brands

A number of beauty companies allow it into the market with just a couple of hair straighteners. Onei includes one significant flat iron they make, yet it's outstanding and includes new perks very few others is able to offer. ISA produces a few flat irons which come in over $100, and usually they seem to concentrate on thick, coarse hair that may be hard to straighten. U9 concentrate on the low-end and also the company doesn't have plenty of history to speak of.

These are just only a few of the brands I had been most interested by throughout my search my next straightener. Just one single thing to remember is it's better for you spending a little more for a high-end iron which will keep your hair healthy as compared to you are trying to keep it low-priced and frying your hair in the process. There is exactly nothing wrong with an entry level straightener though, once you know exactly what you're getting.
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