3 Best Professional Flat Iron – Buyer’s Guide

Picking the best professional flat iron is not a simple task – competition is tight, there are a lot of fake ones on the market, and some just worsen your hairstyle. But above all, what we all want from our professional flat iron is simple: compatibility, versatility, ergonomic designs, best performance, and professional hair styling abilities. After all, without these features, then there’s nothing professional about a hair straightener anyway.

If you are an amateur, and you’ve probably been using the hit and trial technique of choosing the best professional straightener, then it’s high time you changed your methods. And going for a flat iron that doesn’t suit your hairstyle or can’t style your hair professionally is more devastating than just losing your money – it can bring grave long-term damages to your hair. Luckily, we’ve gathered the best hair straightener – right from ergonomics to handle, from heating to cooling, and from the compatibility to best performance, we give you a professional review of what goes into the best flat iron and how you can use that to your advantage.

Top Products

  1. Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Flat Iron
  2. RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron
  3. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Best Professional Flat Iron

Amateurs who want their hair styled in a professional way always make a great mistake, thinking that all that a hair straightener is made of is a good design, good heating abilities, and a nice cord. Then after selecting one they think is ‘best’, you see them suffering because it didn’t fit their hairstyle, plunging most of them into long-term issues.

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Here, we give you the best and professional hairstyle review that does not just look at the flat iron but also your hairstyle. Let’s get started.

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Flat Iron 

Editor’s Choice

Karmin G3Karmin G3 Salon Professional Heating technology, excellent innovation, and professional performance are what makes a professional hair straightener, and this flat iron has all. A lot of professionals, as well as amateurs, go for this flat iron – the versatility in choosing the kind of temperature you want, the ergonomic designs, the stylish and innovative outlook, and the professionalism it adds to your hair are just features you can’t do without. To know the unparalleled experience it gives you, you need to use the product to really see it. It’s just amazing.

Why the Karmin G3 Salon pro?
If it’s user experience you want, this straightener has it. If you are after streamlined and ergonomic designs it has all. If you are after professional and beautifully styled hair this straightener gives you all.

Unlike some of the flat irons on the market, the G3 Salon Pro provides a peaceful styling experience, convenience, and multiple options for styling your hair. With this flat iron, you don’t have to visit the salon because that’s probably what the salon will use to style your hair if you tell them you need a professional styling experience.

Technical Features
An adjustable temperature ranging from 210 to 460 degrees gives you the versatility you want and allows you to choose the temperature level that’s good for your hair. It’s made with ceramic tourmaline technology, producing strong heating effects, and ensuring uniform distribution of heat. No hair follicle is left untouched, each gets the right amount of heat to become flattened and exposes the professionalism in your hair. With a 30-seconds heating time for the plates, you won’t have any delays in flattening your hair.

With this flat iron, flexibility is assured when styling your hair. It’s not heavy. Plus, it has a swivel cord that can move in any direction. It also has automatic shut-off capabilities, an infrared technology that prevents damage to hair as a result of heat, and an overall technically best performance – it’s flawless in the technical sense.


⇒ There’s no heat damage because of the infrared technology

⇒ Ability to adjust the temperature to any level of your choice

⇒ A swivel cord that allows you to move easily

⇒ Good styling professional hair, including soft, medium, and coarse hair textures

⇒ The presence of negative ions ensures a frizzy-less hair, making your hair shinier, silkier, and professional.

⇒ Gives many styling options – waves, flips, and curls, plus all are professional.

⇒ Ergonomic designs make hair styling painless.


⇒ It has no dual voltage system, making it difficult to be used anywhere in the world, and not that good for avid travelers.

This flat iron is as good as its name. An excellent swivel cord, good temperature regulation, automatic shut off features, fast heating time, professional hair straightening experience, and above all, the ability to give you hair different styling options – waves, curls, and flips, makes this flat iron undoubtedly the best professional straightener on the market.

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RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron

RUSK Engineering CTC Technology ProfessionalRUSK Engineering CTC Why would this make it to the number 2 position? Well, that’s because it’s revered around the globe as a hair straightener that meets the professional hair styling needs of users, as well as making sure that the beauty parameters that every woman would want in a professionally-styled hair are achieved.

With the use of the Sol-gel technology, this flat iron provides easy gliding through the hair, making styling painless. It is also known to provide an even distribution of heat during styling and ensures that your hair is professionally styled, thanks to the excellent ceramic titanium plates that this straightener is made of. If you are after a good, professional hair, look no further.

Why the Rusk Engineering CTC?
This flat iron is heralded to provide shiny, ultra smooth hair, and adds beauty and professionalism to any hair, of any texture. Thanks to the sol-gel technology, this flat iron helps keep your hair shiny, soft, and adds incredible beauty to your hair.

The heat up time is fast, there is a temperature regulating feature, giving you the freedom of setting the temperature to any level of your choice. It equally retains heat, making your hair shiny. Above all, it is durable, comes with the best of modern technology, styles your hair professionally, and ensures that at the end of it all, your hair gets the right touch you’ve been looking for.

Technical Features
With a 1 ¼ and 1 inch ceramic housing, a Ryton housing, a titanium-infused ceramic plate, the revered sol-gel technology, and many other technical features make this flat iron the professional choice. It also has a temperature adjusting capability of between 300 F and 450 F. The heat up time is also 40 seconds with a 1-inch plate.

What these technical features give you are a myriad of benefits – fast heat up time, easy hair penetration, ability to choose the temperature that suits your hair when styling, and above all, provides excellent-shiny, and frizz-less hair, with a professional touch.


⇒ It is easy to use – allows easy sliding through the hair

⇒ Designs and accessories are carefully crafted

⇒ It is durable

⇒ It doesn’t leave any smell on your hair as others would

⇒ Gives you professional looking hair

⇒ Comes with dual voltage capabilities, good for the traveler

⇒ Good for hair with a range of textures


⇒ Though good and useful for all hair textures, those with short hair might not find this flat iron that helpful.

The technological specs, the heating capabilities, and the professional hair styling experience this Rusk flat iron provides, you wouldn’t want to leave without hitting the ‘buy me’ button. It has all it takes to turn your hair into something elegant, silky, and soft.

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HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

HSI ProfessionalHSI Professional This is a flat iron that has what it takes to produce excellent, professional hair. It’s an excellent 3-in-1 product that gives you the opportunity to style, curl, and flip your hair. If you are looking for a professional hair straightener that takes care of the style and texture of your hair whiles at the same time giving you frizz-free, smooth, and salon-quality hair, then look no further.

Why the HSI Professional?
The fast heat up time, the many temperature settings that give you the option to choose whichever temperature level you want, the chance to have multiple styling experiences – waves and curls, and the ability to hold hair very well during styling without causing any damage makes this flat iron one of the best professional straighteners on the market.

Amazing the HSI comes with a traveling bag, and a glove to protect your hand from the heat when styling. These are things you don’t usually see in other styling tools. With its dual voltage capabilities as well, you don’t need a different straightener when moving out of your country, this flat iron can follow you anywhere around the world.

Technical Features
Technically, this flat iron offers excellent specs. Sizes range from 1 to 1.25 inches. It is housed in a rounded, black case. The plates of this flat iron are ceramic and also tourmaline-infused, allowing for smooth hair.

It comes with a nice and long power cord of up to 7 feet long, has a heat adjustment system with + and – signs, with a temperature ranging from 240 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It provides all the technical genius features you would ever want in any hair straightener.


⇒ Argan oil and heat gloves for protection

⇒ A fast heat up time, which cuts, styling time by half

⇒ Transforms any hair type into a sleek, frizz-free, and gorgeous looking hair

⇒ A long swivel cord that doesn’t tangle or twist, and it’s long enough to style whiles moving the way you want.

⇒ It’s durable – can take you through many years of styling, unless of course, your hair gets angry with it, then you decide to change.


⇒ Not quite ergonomically designed

⇒ No automatic shut off, dangerous for those who easily forget to turn their straighteners off after use.

⇒ Comes in only one color

Having a coarse hair, an African-American, or an Asian-American hair can cause a whole lot of issues with styling. However, the HSI professional ceramic tourmaline promises to deliver salon-quality, frizz free, and excellently styled professional hair at any time. It is surely a product that should form part of any home’s styling tools.

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Buyer’s Guide for Professional Flat Iron 

Buying a flat iron, especially a professional one does not only rest on knowing the existence, the beauty, and technical features. The bigger issue is how to differentiate the good one from the bad ones, depending on the texture, type of hair you have. Many professional flat iron reviews, however, seem not to address these issues, after all, they are just looking at ways to get their products sold.

When you find yourself in this kind of market – where reviewers just want to talk about the product and the good things it offers, in a bid for selling without paying attention to you, the consumer, the likelihood of you going for a bad flat iron is very high.

That’s why we’ve taken our time to comb the market, taking into consideration the materials, the technical features, and your hair type, to bring you nothing but the best of reviews and the things you need to take into consideration before you buy any flat iron, anywhere.

The Type of Flat Iron to Go For

Satisfying the needs of your hair should always be at the center of your choice when selecting a flat iron. If you want to professionally styled hair or you are thinking of carrying the salon experience home, you should carefully think about the type of flat iron to go for – ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium.

Types of flat irons

1. Ceramic Flat Irons

2. Tourmaline Flat Irons

3. Titanium Flat Irons

4. Ionic Flat Irons

Ceramic Flat Irons
Some 20 years back ceramic hair straighteners were introduced onto the flat iron market. Since then, they’ve become an important part of what makes the best professional flat iron. Ceramic is known for its fast heat up time.

Though it’s affordable when compared to other flat irons, ceramic flat irons still provide the splendid functionality you would need in any good flat iron. Many ceramic straighteners come with ionic technology, the technology that is capable of producing negatively charged ions. Apart from neutralizing the positive ones to help prevent cuticles on the hair, negative ions help ensure an even distribution of heat during hair styling.

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Ceramic flat irons also make use of smooth plates, which are known for their quick heat up time, ensuring easy and fast straightening of hair. There exist differences in the ceramic flat irons as well. There are those that come with complete ceramic metals. Others, however, come in different metals but coated with ceramic.

Whichever the case may be, the inclusion of ceramic to a hair straightener ensures consistency and an even heat and temperature distribution during hair styling, it also gives you a whole lot of temperature options when straightening, and in the end, ensures a frizz-free hair with all the salon quality experience added.

Tourmaline Flat Irons
Tourmaline straighteners are widely known and used among beauticians, hair stylists, and amateurs. There’s one thing that it’s known for – it is touted as the least damaging flat iron among all the flat irons.

Note, however, many flat irons come in ceramic metals and then coated with tourmaline instead of ceramic again. One good thing about this is that whiles the ceramic is working on the even and consistent distribution of heat, the tourmaline coating will ensure that the styling is done fast, allowing the straightener to smoothly slip through the hair to prevent damage to hot spots. It also helps prevent repeated hair drying after styling.

Additionally, tourmaline flat irons activate negative ions, helping a great deal when it comes to producing frizz free hair. Tourmaline coated flat irons are known to be the most durable. As such, most of them are expensive, however, for those who want quality, professional hair, they always go for this type of flat irons.

Also, flat irons that are coated with tourmaline are somehow immune to heat loss, something other flat irons suffer from. Apart from reducing hair damage, cuticles, and creating smooth hair, tourmaline coated straighteners are good for producing salon quality hair.

Titanium Flat Irons
Titanium flat Irons entered the styling market late though, but they are known to be the most innovative in terms of modern technology and meeting the needs of the modern hair. Scientists realized that titanium is one of the best heat conductors, and as such, used it to produce a coating for flat irons, a coating that is known to style any hair type, anytime, under any temperature condition.

Also, titanium has a fast heat up time, lightweight, and ensures flatness when straightening hair. With this type of straightener, the damage caused by too much heat is reduced. Titanium is also a negative conductor of heat, ensuring easy distribution of temperature.

All in all, titanium coated flat irons are capable of producing incredibly styled hair. They are durable, lightweight, and efficient in transforming your hair from crap to success. Most of the top professional flat irons you’ll come across are made with or have titanium elements in them.

Ionic Flat Irons
Well, maybe you’ve always known that the only hair straighteners on the market are ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. Ionic flat irons are also very good and among the latest technology to enter the hair straightening market.

Some of the most technologically-oriented and top performing flat irons have a little bit off or completely ionic technology. This technology, though not used to fully produce flat irons as in the case of ceramic, when included in straighteners, adds a layer of protection, beautification, and health to your hair.

Choosing a flat iron – Taking the type of hair into consideration
Though the various models in terms of technology and material matter – like ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, and ionic, one important factor is the type of hair you are carrying and the kind of effect you are looking for in your styling – wavy, curly, or flips.

It’s not just about ceramic or titanium. Titanium can be the best and technologically good flat iron, but if it’s not good for your hair, you won’t have the right experience, leading to long-term hair issues. The following are the hair outcomes or types to consider and the type of technology or material to go for.

Types of hair

1. Straight hair

2. Wavy hair

3. Curly hair

Straight hair

The straight hair is known to be very resilient, it’s difficult to damage and at the same time difficult to curl. It is the oiliest among the different hair textures because the sebaceous glands emit sebum, which is capable of producing some curls naturally though.

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However, to get flawless, professional, and naturally curled straight hair, it’s good to go for flat irons that come with temperatures of between 250 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. However, adjusting the temperature to be either 200 or 300 degrees Fahrenheit when styling is ideal and good. Don’t go further. And with that, the Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Flat Iron would do just fine.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair – one important thing to know about this type is that it’s neither curly or straight, and more susceptible to frizz. In these situations, you should look at having a multi-purpose flat iron. One that can straighten and at the same time curl your hair or give waves.

Titanium flat irons are known to be good conductors of heat, have short heating times, and come with many temperature options, so it’s good, in this situation, to go for a titanium coated straightener.

And since we are talking about heat conduction, temperature options, and fast heat up time, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron is a perfect tool that has all it takes to give you curly, wavy and straightened hair at the same time.

Curly Hair

Some people naturally have curly hair. Some use flat irons to curling theirs. All curly hair, either from a flat iron or natural all comes down to one thing – they are extremely difficult to maintain. So if care is not taken, one night is enough, and your hard earned curled hair is gone – just like that.

When you have a curly hair but find it difficult to maintain or you just want to have a curly hair, then your best bet is a tourmaline flat iron. Curly hair is prone to damage. It is also known as the most temperamental in all the hair types.

Tourmaline is widely known to be technologically innovative and brings cutting-edge ways of solving the most difficult curly hair issues. As such, the best tourmaline flat iron that can handle this job is exactly the RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron.

Other specific specs to consider when buying a flat iron
The flat iron market is choked. A little mistake and you will have to suffer from a particular straightener for a long time until you have enough money to change. Meaning you should be vigilant when shopping for hair straighteners – every spec must be checked to the last drop.

The plate size

When shopping for hair straighteners you will always come across different plate sizes. Some with 1-inch plate sizes. Others are 1.5 or 2 inches long. Always remember that if you have a fine, thick hair, is advisable to choose 1 or 1.25 inches flat iron.

The Temperature

Temperature plays an important role in determining the goodness of a flat iron towards straightening hair. Optimally, the temperature for many straighteners falls between 200 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Too little of everything is not good and they say too much meat in soup does not spoil the soup, but I guess if you use the soup principle here, you’ll be roasting your hair and not straightening it.

A temperature less than 200 degrees might not achieve a good outcome. In the same vein, a temperature above 410 degrees might be too much, just equal to roasting meat. Always play safe and choose something moderate.

The heat up time

One important thing about heat up time is that it determines the difference between you getting to work late or early because of your flat iron. You switch on a flat iron and would have to wait for 5 minutes before it heats up. That’s totally bad.

So always go for flat irons with faster heat up time. Some have 15 seconds heat up time, others have 30 seconds heat up time and so on. Always remember that with heat-up time, the lesser the seconds a flat iron takes to heat, the better for you.

The voltage

You are in the US and all of a sudden you decide to travel to Germany. Do you send your hair straightener or leave it and buy another one when you get to your destination? Well, buying a new one is just a waste of money.

But with some straighteners, you still have to buy a new one anytime you are traveling – those are single voltage flat irons. They are not good for the avid traveler.

When buying a flat iron, always choose the one with double voltage. You can move with them wherever you go. No matter the country you find yourself, your straightener would always be your friend, having no fear of electricity in any country.