Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair 2018 – Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

Natural hair won’t stay nice, elegant, and beautiful on its own. It needs the proper tools: flat irons, to survive. Choose the best flat iron and you would forever enjoy your natural hair. Go for the bad ones and you will forever suffer.

There are flat irons produced to take care of natural hair. Buying any type of flat iron won’t help you. You need reviews like this to give you a professional insight into what makes a flat iron good for natural hair. Not all flat irons are produced the same. Not all flat irons also serve the same purpose. Identifying the type of flat iron that will tremendously improve the beauty of your natural hair is the first step to a well-styled, beautiful natural hair.

Top Products

  1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron
  2. CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron
  3. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Maintaining your natural hair, at least keeping it natural, adding beauty, and improving your natural hair’s texture requires the best straightener for natural hair. With this review, you’ll get professional, industry expert insights into what makes a flat iron good for natural hair, the features to look out for, and how to buy one for yourself.

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It only takes one step to make a bad decision or a good one when buying flat irons. Don’t compromise your hair’s natural state for something shoddy. Read this review and buy a flat iron with confidence.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening IronMany professional hair stylists, including amateurs, know the effect of using this flat iron: professional, salon quality, and shiny hair. And when used to style your natural hair, gives you nothing but the best.

If you want your natural hair to have the sleekest and smoothest design without necessarily going to the salon, this flat iron will handle all that for you.

Why this flat iron?

This flat iron has the technical features, the designs, and the heat and temperature settings that will make styling easy and fast. It comes with wide plates and when combined with the high heat feature, this flat iron smoothly penetrates and styles, curls, or waves any hair that proves stubborn during styling.

No matter how thick your hair is, you don’t have to worry because this flat iron will let you gather the thick amount of hair and style them at the same time. This boost styling speed, making you productive.

The negative ions emitted by this flat iron ensure that your hair is well styled, beautifully, and shiny from the inside. Additionally, it comes with titanium, which helps to penetrate deep into your hair and style every strand.

Technical Features

This flat iron comes with 5-inch plates, capable of styling the thickest, longest hair at a go. It’s a titanium plated flat iron and has a temperature of up to 450 Degrees Fahrenheit. It has different sizes ranging from 1 inch to 2 inches.

It’s made from ionic technology, making it a good conductor of heat, and equally, helps in even distribution of heat throughout the hair during styling. It’s slim, lightweight, and has an ergonomic design.


⇒ The heat up time is fast

⇒ It smooth frizz, create waves and curls if you want to

⇒ It’s generally of good quality

⇒ Comes with multiple settings


⇒ Looks heavy

⇒ Might cause snags

Well, a flat iron can’t be that heavy for you not to even lift it. Meaning if we put all these aside, it is generally the top flat iron for natural hair on the market. It provides salon quality, beautiful hair styling for your natural hair. And If you need a frizz free hair, if you want to style any kind of hair (thick, long, or curly), it does the job excellently for you.

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CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron

CHI OriginalWhen it comes to producing quality, beautiful hair with aptness, this flat iron is surely among the best. A flat iron that, apart from giving you excellent straightening to make your natural hair look more beautiful, it also gives you the opportunity to opt for waves, curls, bends, flips, and spirals is surely one that you wouldn’t want to miss buying. Quality is good and you need this flat iron.

Why this flat iron?

A flat iron that lets you straighten your hair and in addition allows you to go for curls, bends, waves, and flips are excellent for your natural hair.

The heat up time is quick, it ensures even distribution of heat, and coupled with heat settings, you have nothing to worry about. What more could you want from a flat iron for your natural hair than excellent heat capabilities and the ability to include different hair styles? Absolutely nothing and this flat iron even offer you more.

It uses infrared technology to give you nothing but the best.

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Technical Features

Technically, it comes with 1″ CHI 44 ceramic plates, an infra-red technology that helps it to penetrate your hair from inside out. Negative ions ensure that your hair is always moisturized, giving it the shiny looks it deserves.

It has a voltage of 45 watts, a swivel cord, and an ergonomic design.


⇒ A fast heat up time

⇒ Good quality

⇒ Smoothing frizz creates shiny hair and gives you salon quality

⇒ Ideal for many hair types: long, thick, or curly ones.


⇒ Not too many settings

⇒ Capable of producing snags if care is not taken

Well, with all the heat up time qualities, the infra-red technology, the different temperature settings, the salon quality hair styling and the many other good qualities this flat iron comes with, you won’t possibly look at just settings to ignore it. It works great and you won’t find anything like this one the market.

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HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

HSI Professional This flat iron has all it takes to be part of your shopping cart. The tourmaline coated plates, the ionic power that ensures that your natural hair is smoothened, the beautiful designs, and the heat up time are all great features you wouldn’t want to miss, especially if you are serious about keeping and maintaining your natural hair.

Why this flat iron?

The solid ceramic tourmaline plate that comes with this flat iron makes it the ideal type for any kind of hair, and also excellent for taking care of your natural hair. Together with the ionic technology, the tourmaline plates boost hair styling and add a shiny look to your natural hair.

Featuring in this flat iron are fast heat up time, temperature adjustments, and versatile plates that ensure safety when styling your hair, and keep the natural feel of your hair intact.

It comes with many features, more than most of the flat irons on the market. This gives you a lot of options when styling. You can tweak the temperature settings or the cord itself to fit your hair texture and type.

The Technical Features

Technically, this flat iron is produced to handle every bit of your natural hair right from creating frizz-free to shiny, professionally styled hair.

The heat up time is very quick and helps ensure the easy and even distribution of heat. The capacity of heat reaches up to 450 Degrees Fahrenheit, designed in an ergonomic way to help ensure proper performance, grip, and control when styling of hair.

Temperature ranges from 140 Degrees Fahrenheit to 410 Degrees Fahrenheit, giving you the opportunity to lower or increase the temperature to any level of your choice. Additionally, it comes with a dual voltage of 110 and 240 volts, features 1 1/4 inches of ceramic ionic plates that are strengthened by tourmaline, uses advanced technology to produce ceramic heat, and comes with a 360 Degrees swivel cord.

This flat iron also has an automatic shut off and sleep modes, preventing you from burning anything if you happen to forget to put it off after styling.


⇒ It considerably reduces styling time

⇒ Able to handle curling, styling, and waving off all the hair

⇒ It’s able to get down to the roots of the hair to thoroughly remove the hair frizzies.

⇒ Your natural hair acquires professional looks

⇒ Can be used in any country that makes it good for the travelers.


⇒ It finds it difficult maintaining a steady temperature.

With the specs given above: the tourmaline coating, the ionic energy, the dual voltage, and its ability make natural hair look nice, professionally styled, and beautifully made shows that this product is exactly what you need.

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Flat Iron for Natural Hair Ultimate Buyers’ Guide

There are a plethora of options when you are looking for the best hair straightener for natural hair on the market. In these situations, you would surely need a little boost in the right direction as to where, when, and how to shop for flat irons.

There is no need for you to worry about that since we’ve gathered the best guide here for you. There are equally many ways to find out what makes a good flat iron and what doesn’t. And this guide is here to give you the right information from the material type to your hair type, to help you chose the right flat iron for your hair.


Flat irons come in different materials. Knowing the type of material to choose for your hair type puts you a step further. Let’s explore the various materials here:

Ceramic Flat Irons

Ceramic-based flat irons have been on the hair straightening market for quite a long time. They are known for their good heat conducting abilities. They are able to quickly heat up, producing low friction between their plates. This leads to less damage when styling your hair, and thus protects your natural hair.

Ceramic plates are not just known for good heat conduction but are also effective for straightening hair at a go without repetition. Their plates are good in maintaining heat from start of the styling to finish.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

Tourmaline is an equally good coating for flat irons. If you are searching for the perfect flat irons for natural hair, one coating that can do the job equally like any other coating is no doubt tourmaline. It is a coating that is produced from the gemstone.

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It is also a good heat conductor, it’s able to retain heat, and ensures that heat is distributed throughout the flat iron to enhance proper styling. If your hair is moist, the ceramic coated flat iron is able to trap the moisture, thus keeping your hair fresh at all times. Because of their effectiveness in the distribution of heat, tourmaline coated flat irons are able to work excellently even during low power periods or low heat conditions.

Titanium Flat Irons

Titanium straighteners haven’t been on the market for long, however, are known for their pioneering innovation in the flat iron market. They are the safest metal plates one can use to produce straighteners. They are also good at heat conduction and distribution.

Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

Tourmaline ceramic plates make use of the benefits of both ionic and infrared technologies for a more manageable, healthier hair. In order to improve the condition of your hair, these hair straighteners make sure that moisture is always locked, whiles ensuring that the static that brings about frizz to the hair is removed.

The Heat Up Time

the time the flat iron takes to heat up and the heat up time whiles the flat iron is in use is a very important consideration to look at before buying the number one flat iron for natural hair that you’ve always wanted.

Hair straighteners that have a fast heat up time ensure that each and every part of your hair is straightened. It also helps save time by heating up fast and allowing you to style your hair fast as well.

The Temperature

Flat irons come in different temperatures. However, those with very high temperatures always yield the best of results. However, one thing you have to note is that not all temperature settings, especially the high levels, are good for each and every hair type.

That’s why many of the flat irons on the market come with different, many heat settings. This is to give the user the chance to set the temperature to the desired level according to hair texture and type. Right from 210 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you will have a suitable temperature setting for your natural hair.

Width of Plate

The ideal type and width of the plate you buy largely depends on the type and texture of hair you are carrying. For instance, there are slim plates that come in sizes of between 2.5 and 3 centimeters wide. This kind of plates is used for styling those with short hair.

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The medium plates come in sizes of 3 and 4 centimeters wide. These kind of plates are suitable for those with short and medium length hair. There are wide plates measuring up to 6 centimeters are ideal for styling thick, long hair.

If you have fine hair you should consider going for slim and medium sized plates. However, if you have thick hair then consider wide plated flat irons.

Far Infrared Heat

This is a feature that comes with some hair straighteners. What this does is that it heats the hair from inside out, meaning there will be less damage to the surface of the hair during styling. Heat is also evenly distributed and you can see results in a short period of time.

Temperature Control

Many of the hair straighteners you come across will have temperature controls. However, the kind of size of the temperature you buy depends on your hair type. If in case you’ve chemically treated your hair, or you have thin hair, or maybe your hair is small and weak, then the flat iron you buy should have a low-temperature range that you can use. This kind of hair types mentioned above can only be well styled with low temperature.

Flash Quick Heating

This is a feature that is not found in every flat iron. For some of the best flat irons for the natural hair you will come across in the market, you will find out that they have the flash quick heating capabilities. What this does is to reduce the time you use to style your hair. In this case, the flat iron heats up instantly when turned on, unlike the other type which takes up a lot of time to heat and you have to wait for a long time.

The Swivel Cord

A swivel cord does one thing during styling; it prevents you from getting tangled up while you are moving the iron back and forth around your head during straightening. If you are serious about these things, then you can go for flat irons that have a long swivel cord and can allow you such easy movements.

Your Needs Matter a Lot

In everything that you do or purchase, the most important thing is always what you prefer. The same way that you should treat flat irons. There is no best flat iron until that flat iron is capable of satisfying your needs.

When you go to buy a flat iron, always make sure that it satisfies you or meet all or some of your needs. Your needs, however, will depend on a lot of factors including the type of hair you have (black, brown, etc), the texture of your hair, and the length, as well as the thickness of your hair.

Additionally, the kind of styling result you would like to have for your natural hair; are you looking for a curled hair? Do you just want to have waves? Are you trying to achieve both curled and wavy hair? The results you would most likely want to derive from styling your hair with a particular flat iron determines your needs. And when you go for a flat iron, you need to take all these things into consideration, together with all the specs above in order to make an informed decision; one that won’t leave you with regrets after you’ve selected a flat iron over another.

Final Verdict

There are many flat irons on the market, yet, each one has a particular result on our hair in terms of texture, thickness, and styling. For those with natural hair, you needn’t go for every flat iron advertised on the market.

You have to find the best flat iron for natural hair to help you curl, create waves, and style your hair with ease, whiles making sure that the natural beauty and texture and of the hair is kept intact. Your hair won’t be called natural again if it loses that natural feel, texture, and color, and the review we’ve given above provides you with the latest, modern technology flat irons that are good for making natural hair look their best.

Going into the market to buy flat irons for your natural hair, you have no problem. We’ve got you covered. This review features the top flat irons for natural hair and being part of this experience; one that curls, create waves, and straightens your hair, and at the same time keep the natural texture and general beauty of your hair is just excellent.

Don’t compromise on prices and settle for something that is of low standards. Always settle for the best because that’s exactly what your natural hair deserves.