Finding out which hairstyle for natural hair will complement your helmet is not an easy task. Get it wrong and either you have to throw out the helmet – a costly decision if your helmet isn't cheap, or change your hairstyle. Hence, ask any cyclist, and he might tell you to keep it low when it comes to your hair. There would be other suggesting you keep a ponytail which sits at your neck.


Apart from the constriction posed by your helmet, you have to keep another factor: wind. A friend of mine – who were the self-proclaimed owners of the best hybrid bikes, came last in the race because their hair was troubling their face throughout the race.

Another factor – which is important in the context of this article, is to decide which hairstyle is the most aero. For, when it comes to race – while we pay huge attention to components and accessories, our choice of hairstyle for thick hair can make just as much impact.

So, is it the high ponytail, the low braid, the low bun or any other hairstyle which is the most aero? We find out.

The Knotted Bun

When you don’t have much time at your disposal but are still looking for a quick fix, which is also beautiful, consider the knotted bun. Apart from being created in minutes, it is a beautiful supplement to the traditional standard low bun.

You can follow these steps to make this hairstyle yourself:
-          From the middle, divide the hair into two pieces
-          Cross one side of hair over the other. Afterward, cross the latter one over the first side.
-          Repeat this step to knot all your hair to the end
-          There will be a long knot of hair. Tug it into a ball
-          Spray and pin.
Congrats! You’ve made yourself the knotted bun

The low Ponytail

Although you might not be able to create it as quickly as the knotted bun, the low ponytail is still a great hairstyle for cycling. Provided you follow the below-mentioned steps, this hairstyle has the capability to survive any grueling ride you may take.

-          Using a comb, split the hair into a centre. Remember, you need to leave two pieces of hair at the front as we’ll use them to add some style later on.

-          By using both of your hands, create a low ponytail by pulling back all of your hair.
-          Separate a section of hair. Now, pull it in the ponytail around your hairband.
-          Use bobby pins to secure your new hairstyle
-          Spray
-          Of the two pieces of hair that we left alone in the first step, lose curl them both in the ponytail and at the front.

-          Your low ponytail is ready to go on a ride with its best friend helmet.

The Braided Ponytail

When you will watch it for the first time, you may think that you’ll never be able to do it – for its looks complicated. However, if you follow our steps – and are able to make a normal plait, you can create a braided ponytail as well.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be good:
-          In the fist of your left hand, separate a small section of hair from the front of your head. Now, divide this section into three pieces to start the plait.

-          You should act as you are producing a normal plait. That said, on the right-hand piece, you should add a bit more hair, before crossing the hair over to the centre. Keep on repeating this until every hair has been plaited. Finally secure with a hair band.

-          Now, push all the hair back to create a low ponytail. Now, again secure it with an elastic hair band.
-          From the ponytail, take a small segment of hair before wrapping it around your hairband. Finally, secure this with a bobby pin.

-          Spray to make sure your hair remain wet. In this way, before becoming dry, they would settle into their newfound position.

Head Wrap

There will be some of you – include me in that category, who might believe that no matter what this article says, they won’t be able to make the first three hairstyles. For people like them, we present the simplest hairstyle which any cyclist can make at a moment’s notice.

All you have to keep in hand is a bright headwrap and hair with short curls. Also, if you cycle to office and sense that the first three hairstyles might not be good for it, the head wrap hairstyle will suit any situation.

There is no complex formula to make this hairstyle. All you have to do is to get a head wrap, before wrapping it around your head. To make it presentable, I’d recommend going for a head wrap which has a bright color.

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