Finding the best rated flat iron is not an easy thing to do.  There are variety of choices in the market.  All of these devices offer the same thing—straightening your hair.  The only difference they can have are their features.  It is all up to you on how you assess which one is the best.  Before buying one, you want to make sure what you will choose is of high quality.  You are going to spend money to acquire it, so it has to perform well.  The main question is, how are you going to spot a good one for you?  Try to consider some of these tips to help you in your quest.

Hair Straightening

You have to know what is its main component. Flat iron ceramic has basically ceramic as its main component.  Make sure that it will not have harmful effects after using it.  The durability of an item will depend on the kind of components used in manufacturing.  Do not be deceived by nice packaging and promotion, they all put positive qualities of the product to entice the buyers.  It is best to carefully examine if it is made of metal or just plastic.  You might get attracted to purchase cheaper item, beware because it can bargain the quality of its performance.  It can have some negative effects.

Another feature that you need to know is, if it has a temperature control.  Your flat iron must detect the level of heat it gives to your hair.  If you happen to have a delicate or prone to damage type of hair, you need to control the heat whenever you are ironing.  Excessive heat can burn your scalp or destroy your brittle and thin hair.  It is not easy to repair once it gets damaged, specially if it is caused by burning.  There are instances that you need to cut the burned part of the hair.  Thus, you are forced to change your hairstyle because of the harm done.  If you are just new to this equipment, you can look for more flat iron for natural hair tips, for a clearer understanding and broaden your knowledge as well.

Flat irons have different sizes of the plates.  It starts for 1” and reaches up to 3” or more.  The sizes of the plates should be appropriate to the length of your hair.  Long hair can use those with small plates or big plates.  But as for short hair, it is advisable to use those with the plate size of 1-1 ½”.  It would be difficult to style your short hair using big hair straightening device.

You might want to examine the cord if it can swivel or not.  It may sound a bit unnecessary but you would appreciate this feature once you get into the process of ironing your hair by yourself.  If the cord can swivel it avoids tangling while you are ironing those parts that are hard to reach.  Some Farouk chi hair styling irons have this kind of feature.

There are more things you can consider during your canvass of the best flat iron.  But the aspects mentioned above are just the basic ones.  It all depends on what other features you want to have with your hair styling tool.  The more advanced the feature it has, the more expensive it can be.  If you think it is really a necessity to have one, then invest on something which is durable and long lasting.

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