Something associated with heat indicates damage.  This is usually the perception of people who do not agree on using flat irons for the hair.  They say it can cause dryness and harmful to the scalp.  Stylists totally disagree to this misconception. They are the ones who can truly testify that hair styling tools, especially chi ceramic flat irons, are safe to use.  These thermal devices are very useful and responsible for making women look gorgeous.

Tips for Safety Hairstyling

You just need to choose the right flat iron just like the best recumbent bike for your health and there can be no harm done to your hair.  Farouk chi flat irons are considered to have a good performance.  Professionals recommend them to those women who want to experience the numerous benefits it can give to their hair.  However, there are basic things you should remember before utilizing them.  Here are some safety tips that will be helpful to your hair makeover.

1.    Every time you use your Corioliss flat iron, you should do it in one direction only. Start from the top to the bottom of your hair.  Leave a small space from the scalp, just enough distance that the iron would not touch your scalp.  This is to put away the heat of the device directly to your head.

2.    Controlling the heat applied is a must.  You might have a delicate and sensitive type of hair, you should turn it to a low level.  This is to avoid dryness or frying it.  That is why other people consider it harmful to use Babyliss flat irons because they might have used it in a wrong way.  The level of heat should be appropriate to the type of hair.

3.    Before performing the straightening process, make sure that you clean your hair properly.  If you have some protective creams or sprays, it is beneficial to apply them ahead of time.  You can consult your hairdressers for some helpful hair straightener tips. They usually give or recommend some hair care products that they use to their clients.

4.    If you happen to have the thick and curly type of hair, this is quite hard to manage.  They are said to be dry, so they are prone to break easily.  This kind of hair requires a high level of heat to straighten and style it.  Thus, it is necessary to use high quality of flat irons, since these products use damage-free components.

5.    It is advisable to use flat irons with proper plate size.  Their sizes should be according to the length of the hair.  Wider plates are for longer hair while narrow plates can handle shorter ones.  If you try to use small plates on longer hair, it will take you more time to finish the entire hair.  And you need to put more heat as well.

Almost all hair styling devices require heat.  It pays to buy the right kind to guarantee you good results.  Learn the proper way of using them and consider the safety tips mentioned above.  In this manner, you can still enjoy these thermal tools and accomplish healthy and stylish hair all at the same time.

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