An Iron Named As CHI? Bless You!
CHI Air Expert ClassicYou will find a lot of good hair straightener on the market, however, the gold standard for ceramic hair straightener has always been the Chi! These were one of the first ceramic straighteners to hit the market, and as well these are still the biggest name in the hair flat ironing tools although the competition with brands is much stiffer than it was. In fact, no list of straighteners is likely to be complete without a ceramic CHI.

The CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic 1-Inch straightener is the classic version of chi hair straightener that is at present around for approximately 20 years. It consists of ceramic plates with a smooth plastic housing which was originally popularized by CHI.

The History Of CHI

At first, CHIs were all black color with a tan color on the ceramic plates. However, at present, they are available in a whole line of types and colors, but the heart is still the same. They heat up very quickly, and they remain hot as long as you need them to.

Always Keeping Your Heat Controlled

The classic CHI straightener provides you with heat controls located on the inside of the housing so you don’t hit them with your hand at the time you are styling. It includes a wheel controlled temperature setting, and even an indicator light that shows you when it has reached the correct temperature.

It doesn’t become as hot as quite a lot of other comparable flat irons, but at the same time that might actually a good thing. Various other irons in this same price range can get up to as high as 450 degrees which some people may need for their hair. However, an excellent ceramic iron with the correct level of heat distribution can have the ability to do it all you need without requiring any additional heat. I’m so confident that almost any hair type can get a style that lasts all day long with this bad boy!

Ceramic Heat Hits the spot

The heat distribution system on the solid ceramic plates truly can’t be beaten. It’s so excellent that it would be very hard to find out a difference between this iron on the hottest setting and the other irons that even get hotter. The plates remain consistent which means that no hot spots( a problem I find with other models a lot). In case you don’t have hot spots you will get an even look, therefore you don’t need to worry about touch ups after a few minutes.

Ceramic Combined With Tourmaline

Undoubtedly, heat distribution is strengthened by the recent addition of tourmaline to standard plates. The tourmaline is a mineral or gemstone that that’s crushed up and layered on the top of the plates. At the time it hardens, it forms as another barrier which provides both consistent heat and a surprisingly smooth surface. The smoother the exterior on your flat iron the better chance you are to get an excellent “straighten”.

Get It Straight Quickly And GO

The other thing I like about this iron is it straightens so fast. Many people even go as far as saying it reduces straightening hair by up to half! I am a huge fan of doing stuff quickly and efficiently, and in case it means I can spend a couple of extra minutes in bed in the morning, that’s excellent by me. If it has the capability to cut even more time out of my daily expeditions, sign me up right now!

Excellent Size For Great Style

If you wish to use your CHI straightener for more than just straightening, you absolutely can. The smaller sized housing makes it possible for you to straighten, curl, flip, twist, wave, and much more without the need for extra tools. A couple of irons have a huge, oversized housing that makes it more troublesome to get any styles out of the deal, on the contrary, the CHI is pretty much small enough to work for almost anything.

Price Compared To It Should Be

The price for this one isn’t bad, however, it also isn’t the best. CHI irons generally come to about 100$, therefore, it aligns with that pretty consistently. I would likely expect it to be the kind of wonderful iron that hopefully will last for you for decades. The circumstance this brand has held this price for over 10-20 years tells me there is must be something to their staying power. In case, people weren’t buying them( as well as loving them ), I feel the price might have come down by now. Find more on seaslugteam.com.

Trendy In Spite Of Classic

Among the less important matters thing I really like, that is it that this iron is available with five different colors. Color doesn’t do anything for the effectiveness of the iron, even though it’s pleasant to have the option if that’s important to you and they are actually cute. You will find this flat iron in standard black, pink, purple and blue.
chi air expert colors

Long Lasting

It’s not possible to complete a search for hair straightener without seriously considering the CHI, and I also believe this amazing one does a pretty good of providing why. These such irons are actually more or less the same for the last decade or two, as well as there is no sign of them changing anytime soon.

It’s unbelievable that with all of the new technologies that have got into the world we would still be working with which is almost the same as to its predecessor after so long, however, that just talks about the quality of this flat iron. You’ll get all the things you need and even more with a CHI (in my point of view).

If you believe CHI is the best choice for you, just drop on over here and make it yours!
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