You Will find Something Poetic About A Flat Iron That Isn't Flat.

Not really that long ago, my mother visited from her home in Florida to London, England for a public service meeting. She was away for two weeks with my father, and she required to learn how to travel light so that they could avoid heavy baggage fees. I had been at their house while they got home because ( duh ), presents! When I was there I noticed her throw her straightening flat iron in the trash. "NOOO"! I thought. You can't throw out a very good iron like that!

It seems that when she was in England, she plugged her straightener into a converter after that into the wall. Within just a few seconds, it had been fried and certainly not worked again. I rarely notice my mother leave the house without perfect hair so that I can't think about how she survived in the UK for almost two weeks without being capable of primp ( however that's a story for another time ).

Anyhow, my mother figured out it's really very important to make sure you have a dual voltage flat iron if you're likely to travel overseas.

Work Both Ways

The U9 1 Inch LCD Digital Wet to Dry 450F Flat Iron provides the dual voltage required when you go overseas with your flat iron. I really like that it also offers a price that I'm comfortable with investing on an iron I can accidently damage or lose during my trip. For just below $40, you will get a flat iron that recognizes what it's like on the other side of the pond and configures itself for that purpose.

Price Doesn't Stop Power

For quite an inexpensive iron, the U9 certain provides a lot of features to experiment with, it includes negative iron technology that uses steam to make ( and keep ) hair straight. Moreover, it also works as a wet-to-dry flat iron. In the event that if I could cut down the length of time it takes to get itself ready while I 'm on the road, I most certainly will be the happiest of the campers.

Heat You Need All Over The World And When You Need It Too
This hair straightener has a range of temperatures that I really like, beginning with 230F as much as to 450F. That's almost the highest heat amount that you get from a hair straightener so that you're probably not likely to find one that becomes any hotter.
Since I've said that, in the event that I 'm on the road I don't wish to spend a lot of time being ready. I TRULY don't wish to spend time on my hair while I'm in the overseas country where I have several things to see and do. This iron heats up almost instantly, and you will be able to see just how hot is this from the LCD screen on the front.

Not On Lock

One of the most annoying elements of this straightener is where the control keys have been placed. They're exactly where you put your hand to hold while straightening, and which means you can hit them when you're working. In case you're just like my mother and have hair which is very sensitive to heat, you won't be able to do well with this iron because you can accidentally put a lot more heat on your hair that you need to.

Options For Plates

Every time I bring a new iron home I receive the 5th degree from my husband regarding the auto shutoff. He means well, however it doesn't get annoying. Positively, this one has an auto shutoff feature, that makes a huge difference from a safety viewpoint. Additionally, it protects me from another lecture on how harmful it is to damage countertops or, you know that accidentally burn the house down! 

Keep ALL Your Hair

It's very important for you to make sure your straightener isn't going to do its best to make you bald. This one includes floating plates that get closer together compared to fixed plates, which means they grab the hair well when the titanium plates organize and pull it through smoothly. Your locks shouldn't get yanked out something that commonly appears with the less expensive irons.

Discoloration… Kind Of

One among the weirdest things about this flat iron is it doesn't have plastic material which is fabricated in a certain color. The color is in fact painted on, so people complain about it chipping when it's in use. I can appreciate how that might be frustrating and well, a lot more than a little off-putting.

It's Quirky But It Works

To name this flat iron quirky is an understatement. Additionally, what color is this straightener naturally that the Manufacturer feels the need to color it in order to get the appropriate color on the casing? Having said that, if you're trying to find a flat iron that heats up quickly and does the job it's expected to, the price is appropriate for this one. In the event that you're ready to give it a shot, go on over here and make it yours.

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