The Best Hair Straightener Or Is It All Just A Croc?
One of the important things, I dislike about my irons is they can be very uncomfortable to hold. It’s not a great problem with my hair because it’s very quick to straighten, however one day I decided to straighten my friend’s huge thick curly hair, and I imagined that my hand was definitely going to fall off by the time I’d finished. I realize it’s may be difficult to add comfort features to a flat iron due to the are so many wires going through the body, but it would be so nice.

The comfort factor is actually the thing what drew my eye to the Turboion Rbb Croc Classic Straightener. The shape of this is totally different from any I have seen before. It is usually thinner at the base compared to the top which means that the area you hold is smaller. With my small hands and relatively wimpy grab, it really helps.

Bigger Plates For Your Money

The 1.5-inch plates are not very favorite of mine, but the housing on this iron is so slim that it might still work. There are no options for size in this iron, so if you own very short hair which needs a thinner iron you’ll have to go for another model. All around, the thin body does make up for the dimension of the plates.

Various Kind Of Comfort

I have mentioned (a lot of times) that I am the clumsiest woman in the world. As a result, I try to be really very careful with stuff that I can burn myself on. The design of this iron makes it such as the heating elements are kept a distance away from your hand than a lot of other irons, and which means a lower chance of ending up your hand with a burn.

NOT So Heavy Metal

This is not such a heavy iron even with the metal plates and unique body shape. The titanium plates keep your hair smooth, and also the don’t chip like ceramic plates can. It’s lightweight is good for you if you have very tiny hands like mine.

Not Compatible For Curling

 If you want to use your straightening iron for curls as like I do, you wouldn’t be so pleased with this one. It’s plates are wider than the rest of flat irons, as a result they are little big to make the curls that you’re looking for (except you have really, really a long hair). But, if you intend to only straighten your hair you will certainly be fine with the larger plates.

Smart Memory Setting

One amongst the cool things about this flat iron is it has a digital temperature setting, which helps it to keep the old setting on the iron so that you don’t need to change it every day. Temperature setting isn’t a huge deal, however I have forgotten to do it in a few times and found myself straightening at the wrong temperature for some time which isn’t really good for the health of your hair.

Heat Up Too Fast

There is rarely any waiting for this iron to get hot. Just turn it on and a few minutes later, it’s ready with all of the heat you want. I don’t need to have cut my sleeping time short by evens five minutes if a have an iron that heats up so quickly, and this is most certainly an advantage for Croc.

Ideal For Coarse Hair

The composition of consistent heat and titanium plates mages a large difference for thick and coarse hair. In case you have such type hair that’s difficult too difficult to straighten, you will likely to be more than pleased with the things that this flat iron offers. It gets enough hot, is smooth enough, and it will save you from repetitive straightening so get the finish you want.

All Around

I admire the ease of use for my tiny lady hands, and a lot of people rave about how properly this flat iron straightens. Additionally, the shine it creates that cannot be beaten. If you wish to try it out, and ready to get the get the killer straighten, just click on over here and simply drop it into your cart.
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