This Awesome One Exists As High As Its Amazing Name. 
It’s not a surprise for me to find as a beautiful and functional tool like Karmin G3 Salon Professional 1″ ceramic hair straightener flat iron. The Karmin G3 is smooth and gorgeous with a sleek outlook. It is as excellent as like almost hypnotizing, but I’ve not touched its functionality till now.

A Great Look Of Love 

This great thing is not only available in sleek all black color but also you'll be able to get this in pink, purple, teal or in a white version. They are all the same with solid, shiny black ceramic plates,  but the color you decide on for the outside could be a matter of favoritism. As we’re talking about beauty products here, no one will question about if you make your selection based mostly on appearance.

A Combination of Tourmaline and Ceramic

As most of the top class irons today, the Karmin G3 also has a tourmaline covering ceramic plates for giving the final smooth finish. The tourmaline crystal which covers the ceramic surface to ensure that you not only get the heat conduction and maintenance required to straighten your hair, however, you furthermore may get the extremist consistent, a super smooth surface required to safely grab hair and lock in the necessary moisture to stop hair from seriously burning.  You recognize what I’m talking about – those sizzles that create you cringe. This can help you to avoid that like the plague.

Don’t Lose Your Bounce

Flat irons only work when all the heat is applied and moisture is locked into the hair. If you try only to do one without the other, you will end up with super frizz. The Karmin G3’s infrared heat and micro-porous technology work together for the proper combination futuristic moisture saving tool. The infrared heat fights with the ions that cause frizz. While the micro-porous technology keeps the dips and dents so small so that they don’t disrupt your very smooth surface.

Heat It Up

karmin G3 temperature setting
High Temperature Range
With up to 410 degrees of warmth, you ought to be able to get excellent control nearly any type hairstyle with the right amount of patience.  I would not suggest you going more than 400 degrees for any length of time, but you can get sure that you will get the proper amount of warmth and preserve the proper amount of heat when you need it.

Dual Voltage Settings

Whenever you are in a travel, you'll be able to take this device anyplace within the world that uses high power. It's dual voltage settings ensure that you won’t find yourself with a fried iron if you are trying to use it elsewhere.

Support for years

While the Karmin G3 extremely provides an excellent job and performs to be the super dependable at the same time, it is covered by a three-year warranty, if you should run into a problem!  I actually have had irons that lasted years and a few that lasted only weeks. Those that last only a few weeks never looked to be supported by a warranty that is worth something within the long-standing time. A 3-year warranty isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it is a sign of confidence for the device in general.

Most Of The Time… The Power Is Yours

Actually, my issue solely is not specific to this product at all. Small appliances normally tend to have occasional power issues, and a few of them are duds right out of the box. This issue is not common with this straightener, but it does occur on the occasion. There are some reports of power issues, but again, I have hardly found a flat iron that hasn’t had that problem in a unit or two. The reports of it are much lower for this model than a lot of other models, so I’m actually not concerned about that it is an actual problem.

Overall review

After reviewing everything and all I have looked into over this long and exhaustive search, I am really impressed with the Karmin G3 Salon Professional 1″ ceramic hair straightener. It get hot and stay hot, works with all types of hair and help you manage your hair the way you actually want it. It has owned reliability and a heck of a warranty on its side. And did I mention you that it’s also really, really pretty? This is so quickly going to the top of my list.

If you really imagine as mine and really think  that being seduced by Karmin is the way to go, and it totally is, you can pop right over here for black, purple or teal, here for white or here for pink.
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