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CHI Fire RedThere are several good flat irons on the market, but in the field of ceramic flat irons, there is no match with the Chi thick hair straightener. They were the first ceramic flat irons to hit the market, and after a lot of time of that they are still the best ceramic flat iron in the market. Though the competition these days is much tougher than the past time because there are lots of good flat iron manufacture companies has reached in the market but still the demand of Chi flat iron has not been decreased, rather the demand of this hair straightener is still increasing. If you want to make a list of some best hair straighteners you cannot escape the chi flat iron and I can surely mention that it will be on the top of the list.
Chi has a lot of flat iron versions, but on them, I think the CHI PRO AIR 1 Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener is the best of the best. This is the most advanced chi flat iron compared to the others. It has all the smart features that a best flat iron should have. By this, you not only can straighten your hair but also can style your hair in any style. It’s compatible with any of hair type, easy to use, long lasting, and very much safe with an affordable price.
Now I will discuss here all the things that make the Chi flat iron best.

Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic

CHI Air 1 Ceramic Flat Iron in Fire Red is combined with the latest innovative technology combined with ionic tourmaline ceramic. Tourmaline is one of the latest innovations in hair straighteners plates. Tourmaline creates negative ions while straightening and those ions make it possible to straight your hair within less heat. The negative ions grab moisture into the hair, mixing reduced heat with a higher moisture level to make your hair look shiny.

Straight Your Hair Quickly

The thing I like most about this hair straightener is it straightens hair so fast. Some people said that it takes only half of the time than other. Its latest ionic tourmaline technology helps it to straighten any type of hair too first. So you don’t need to waste a lot of time and effort after straightening your hair by this hair straightener.

Keep The Heat Under Control

It has a wheel control temperature setting with an indicator light that tells you when it has reached the correct temperature. It doesn’t get as hot as some other comparable flat irons, but that may be a good thing. Because too much of heat isn’t good for any kind of hair. There are some flat irons in this price range that reached at 450 degrees, but the thing I can tell you that a good ceramic flat iron with the correct level of heat distribution are able to do everything you need without any requirement of additional heat. I am confident that you are able to do any type of hairstyle that lasts all day long with this bad boy.

Much More Safe

The heat control of Chi Pro Air is on the inside of the housing, so there is no chance of hit them with your hand when you are straightening. So there is much lower chance of burning your hair, your hand or any kind of accident compared to others.

Great Size For Any Hair Style

If you wish to do something more than straightening your hair by this iron definitely you can. The smaller housing makes it possible to do straightening, curling, waving, flipping, twisting and much more to your hair. So it’s possible to do any hairstyle very easily by this straightener. And in my opinion, when you getting so many of things just in this one tool then why wasting a lot of money in buying those other tools. It can save a lot of money of yours.

In An Affordable Price

CHI irons generally come to about $100 therefore, it aligns with that pretty consistently. If you want to get a good hair straightener that do the job for you perfect-fully then you must have to pay this amount. I think you would not find a good hair straightener than this at this price. Considering that, I think the price of this straightener isn’t so bad.

Trendy Although Being Classic

A less important think that I like most about this hair straightener is it is available in five different colors. Colors do not indicate the standard of a hair straightener, but it’s very nice to have the choice if it’s important to you and they are really cute. You will find this CHI flat iron in Standard black, pink, purple, green and blue.


It is not possible to complete a search for a flat iron without seriously considering the CHI, and I believe this one does a really great job of providing why. In my opinion, this is the best hair straightener of CHI, and you would not find a better ceramic hair straightener than this. You will get all the thing and more with a CHI( I believe).

So if you think this is the best option for you, then click on over here and make it yours.

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