Porcelain Heat That Isn't For a China Doll
I have checked out all kinds of flat irons throughout my search, but the types I have the least experience in are porcelain coated irons. I wasn't completely sure what the things they were supposed to do that was different as compared to the typical ceramic irons, however I wanted to discover more. I have tried out pretty much every kind of straightener, and this is the just only type that I've not tried out to get through my curls.

Having said that, I know lots of irons can damage hair though I have managed to make a collection of them which don't do a lot of damage. I am certain that there is absolutely no such thing as an iron which can actually hold your hair from getting even a little bit dried, however as long as I get my hair trimmed regularly, I don't need to worry so much about split ends or even the odd bit of hair loss.

Whatcha Bought For Me Porcelain?

The BaByliss Pro Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron has the porcelain plates I'm interested in trying out, and also it has the sleek exterior that the professional flat irons often have. It is available in 3 different sizes: 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch (versions BABP9557, BABP9559 and BABP9561 respectively).

I generally stick with the 1 inch size because I can make use of it far more than just straightening, but people as like my sister-in-law who has extremely crazy long hair that will most likely be better off with the 2 or the 2.5 inch size which is often advertised in this line as well (version BABP2559).

The Baby Gets Hot

This flat iron heats up to 450 degrees( most likely the hottest advisable heat for any type of hair ). However, the temperature may be much lower for the peoples who don't require a large amount of heat to get the style they're looking for. The flat iron also heats up really very quickly which creates a big difference if you're as like me and always short on time.

Consistent Heat. As A Result Of The Porcelain or Not?

The plates heat very evenly with a porcelain coating, however I don't understand if that's due to the ceramic base or perhaps the porcelain is better at keeping consistent heat. Anyway,  It's great to have a flat iron without hot and cool spots that get in the way and cost me extra time every morning. Oh, also I've discovered that porcelain helps to keep that annoying frizz away which is always going to be a plus point in my book.

What Is The Price?

The  price on these irons is appropriate, actually a professional quality flat iron for around $40 is pretty much rare. Individually, I'm very much impressed and excited by the price. The larger irons actually cost a little extra, but not any of them is cost more than $50. I believe that's a pretty great price considering the potential for awesome hair styles.

Good For Every Hair Type, Really?

I have very nice hair, there is however a LOT of it. The people who have coarse hair with thick strands have claimed that this iron works just as well for them as people like us with fine hair. Which means one iron has the ability to be able to work on towards many different hair types, making this version to versatile.

The Type Of Halo You Don't Want

One of the most important disadvantages of the iron is the tapered edge that remains between the plate and your head. When you don't desire to burn yourself with a flat iron that enables the plate to get too close to your scalp, the plate on the Babyliss Pro Porcelain are placed just far enough back that it's very difficult to get close enough to the scalp so that you can avoid the crimp-like line around your crown.

Don't Die, Baby!

A number of these flat irons don't have the staying power of more expensive irons. Although a lot of people who have used it say it's lasted years, some others are more concerned as theirs have died after a short period of time.

A part of the problem with these straighteners that could explain problems "dying" is they may have a wiring  issue. There are reviews of them shorting out and having problems when being held in certain positions. Approximately it looks like a great iron that does its job while it's working, I do worry just a little about a device which can short out.

Different Quality From Other Babies

It seems that this flat iron is a different quality than a lot of other Babyliss products, and when I have had a sound good experience with Babyliss in the past, I 'm not certain this one can offer the similar kind of consistent results my past hair straighteners have. The price is really great, however it may be that good quality because you get the things you pay for.

The Baby Is Underweight

One more thing that worries me somewhat is the fact that this is a very lightweight iron. It's created from light plastics which have a tendency to break if they are dropped.

When I don't think it really should be  a problem for most of the people, I'm clumsy enough that my judgment to use this hot straightener might already be doubtful. Put together that with the fact that this one might break with a just single drop, it precludes me from using it completely. If my hair straighteners have done one thing it takes a beating!

Not Prepared To Adopt This Baby?

I truly wished this to be the iron if it would just use for travel or for a new everyday option, however it doesn't seem like that's on the cards( for me actually ).

On the additional side, I love that the BaByliss Pro – Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron can work on pretty much every kind of hair types, also it heats up too fast.
If you're trying to find an iron to take on the road, or if you're in the market for a less expensive flat iron that has a good enough reputation t make it worth a shot, then click on over here and make it yours.
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