7 fashion trends for working women
If you are a woman, dressing up for work is no easy feat. You have to stick to a formal dress code while retaining the feminine flair. Anything too tight, too vibrant, or too dull is simply unacceptable.
Even though the work outfits are no longer as restrictive as before; there is still a general dilemma to come up with the most appropriate and fashion-forward outfit every morning.

To make your morning rituals a little less hectic and a lot more Zen, we bring you seven fashion trends for this year. These latest styles will inspire you to organize a capsule wardrobe of staple items, which you can mix and match for an everyday professional look.

Blouses with flair

Blouses with flair

You can never have enough blouses, especially white ones. The conventional button downs have a lot potential to be styled in some different ways. You can pair a single shirt with jeans, straight pants, skirts and high-waisted bell-bottoms to create a distinctive look every time. Add a chic blazer for a more formal look and high heels to give the attire an oomph factor. Minimalistic earrings or light layered necklaces are all you need to round up the look.

Classic trousers

Classic trousers

The best pair of pantsfor you depends mainly on your silhouette. For endlessly long legs, buy wide leg chinos and couple them with high heels. For a more tapered look, you can also go for slim pants that cut off neatly at the ankle. Cigarette pants are very flattering on a majority of body types and look great with a neatly tucked inshirt.

Smart blazers

Smart blazers

well-fitted blazer is a staple in the wardrobe of every working woman. They provide the perfect layering to raise the style-quotient of your outfit while adding some curves or hiding those extra pounds if needed.Suit jackets are also highly versatile and canbe styled in several ways. When choosing the right fit, make sure it is not too tight that you have difficulty in moving your arms. Conversely, it should not be too loose that hangs off your frame.

Tailored skirts

Tailored skirts

Skirts are a mandatory part of your wardrobe as they are feminine and classy. Always choose a skirt that complements your frame. Once you have bought the right skirt, you can pair it with a button-down, a high-neck or even a plain tee and it will also earn you praises for your sartorial sense. A plain black skirt is your safest best since you can couple it with various colors of tops and shirts.

Day-to-night dresses

Day-to-night dresses

Office wear does not necessarily have to mean monochromatic separates. You can also buy a few dresses with straight silhouettes or flared skirts that end just below the knee. You can add a blazer that just skims your waist for office and ditch the jacket for a nightout with friends.    

Dark denim

Dark denim
If you are most comfortable in jeans and also want to make them a part of your office wear, pick darker denim.While light blue, stonewashed jeans look great anytime anywhere; the darker hue is more office-appropriate. You can combine the denim with a crisp white shirt or even a plain tee layered with a blazer. Add a pair of high-heel pumps for a classy look.

Leather satchels

Leather satchels

You need a bag to carry around the necessities and of course a laptop. Therefore, opt for a bag big enough to hold all your belongings which also gels well with the rest of the outfit. You can never go wrong with a classic leather bag in a striking hue to add some vibrancy to your office attire.


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Healthy Hair

The modern age will one day be known as the Age of DIY. The list of things you can make on your own is increasing every day, with information and tools becoming more and more accessible to the public. 

One of the best things you can make on your own is simple, natural shampoo that will leave your hair feeling stronger and healthier. 

Why DIY Shampoo?

There are many reasons why you may be thinking about making your own shampoo. One of the main reasons people start making their own shampoo is cost. 

All brands markup their prices, because they know how desperate people are to look good. Beauty products are often outrageously priced, so many people turn to creating their own to save money. 

Another thing to consider is the lack of trust between consumer and big companies. With the worry of harmful chemicals being added to products for the sake of saving an extra dime, people are worried they don’t know for what they are paying. 

To avoid the worry, making your own shampoo is a fool-proof way to make sure you know exactly what’s going in your hair. 

Lastly, one of the best reasons to make your own shampoo is that it is much greener. The ingredients to make shampoo are very few, and can help you cut down on how much plastic you’re throwing away, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint. It doesn’t hurt anybody to try and be a little more “zero-waste,” and providing your own beauty products is an easy and fun way to do it.

The Recipe

Essentially, you’re really only looking at two main ingredients for a basic DIY shampoo:

2 Parts Distilled Water

1 Part Liquid Castile Soap

That’s right. That’s all it takes. For a bit of a harsher clean, feel free to increase the ratio of liquid soap to water. 

Ultimately, this may not seem like a lot, and the change may be shocking. Mix the two ingredients well, and you’ll be left with a product that is much thinner than the commercial products you’ve been using. Likewise, it won’t sud as much as other shampoos, but it only takes a palm full to eliminate much of the oil and residue in your hair. Rinse with warm water.

Bonus Steps

Essential Oils

For something extra special, feel free to add up to 7 drops of an essential oil for every cup of shampoo you make. You can also add some to your conditioner as well becase not only do these oils smell delicious and aid with aromatherapy, but oils such as cedarwood can encourage healthy hair growth, resulting in stronger and shinier hair. A reference guide for essential oils can expose you to other uses and precautions. 

For example, it’s important to test certain essential oils on a small portion of skin before adding it to any hair or skin products, to make sure you don’t have an unexpected reaction. 

Vegetable or Avocado Oil

If you have extremely sensitive skin or prefer not to use essential oils, reach for avocado or vegetable oil instead! Adding just a teaspoon to about a cup of your homemade shampoo can thicken the mixture, giving you a richer and deeper clean. People with naturally oily hair may want to skip this step, but it is a great addition for those want more moisture!

Thankfully, DIY shampoos are affordable and accessible to just about anyone. Keep in mind that different hair types may require different ratios and ingredients. Feel free to experiment to figure out your perfect concoction!

Hair Smell Good

Although there are many other things that are more important in life, at the end of the day we still treasure our physical appearance to some extent. And even if you’re not into makeup or fashion, chances are that you still want your hair to look and smell good. There are some lucky people out there whose hair just seems to be naturally amazing at all times, but for those of us that are less fortunate in that department, having funny smelling hair can be a true nightmare. Luckily, there are a few trustworthy ways to fix this issue.

Firstly, if you have hair that smells funny, try to figure out the root cause of the smell. For instance, do you work in a kitchen? Do you smoke or live with a smoker? In some cases, it can be possible to get rid of the smell by quitting smoking. If you work in an environment that causes bad odor, you should wear a hair net and ensure you wash the hair after each shift.

These environmental factors can alter the way your hair smells, but there are also medical reasons for which you hair might smell bad. No matter the reason for your unpleasant hair smell, there is a fix or cure for it. Here are five ways to make sure that your hair always smells good.

1.     Always Maintain Good Scalp Hygiene

If you want to maintain sweet smelling hair, good hygiene is an important aspect of this. Unpleasant odors in your hair are generally caused by a buildup of sebum and dry skin. The fastest and most effective way to solve your scalp hygiene problem is to wash your hair regularly with a good shampoo.

This is why choosing the right products for your hair type can have great results. Natural products are also a great alternative. Chemicals tend to suffocate your hair follicles, which will in turn lead to a nasty smell. Some hair types, such as curly or wavy hair, are more high-maintenance than other when it comes to hygiene, but with the right products your hair is sure to look and smell great. Find the best natural alternative, or at least try to focus on those with more natural ingredients.

What is more, good hygiene extends beyond just cleaning your hair. Ensure that any head coverings you wear are also clean. Besides that, ensure your beddings, and your house and office spacein general, are clean. Any surface on which you lay your head on could be the perfect place for bacteria to grow. As they are transferred to your hair, they will cause a horrible smell.

2.     Use a Lemon Rinse…

A good and effective natural remedy for oil accumulating on your scalp and making it smell bad is a lemon juice rinse. Lemon juice has many benefits for the skin due to its astringent properties that shrink and tighten pores. By applying this DIY remedy to the skin on your scalp, your pores will produce less oil, and thus your hair will look and smell better. 

To reap the full benefits of this simple treatment, just squeeze a few lemons and spread the juice all over your hair. You can also make some lemon juice without water and soak your hair in it for ten minutes. Ensure that you condition the hair since lemons can have a drying effect on the hair. If you have light hair, keep in mind that lemons could lighten it further.

3.     …Or a Rose Water Rinse

As previously mentioned, natural ingredients are the best choice to keep your hair smelling great. Another great and ‘green’ remedy for getting rid of bad odor is rose water, and this can be just one of its many uses. Rose water makes a great rinse on its own, but you can also mix it with some honey for that extra boost of good smell. Simply rinse your hair with some rose water to keep it smelling great.

You can also spritz your hairbrush with the rose water and use it to brush through your hair. This can be especially useful if you are in a hurry and simply do not have the time for a full soak. The best part about this remedy is that you can make it at home. Simply mix some witch hazel, rose water, distilled water, and a few drops of essential oils. Then spray this mixture occasionally into your hair to acquire the best results.

4.     Keep Your Stress Levels in Check

Although this is unknown to many of us, stress and anxiety can actually influenceyour body’s odor for the worst. Simply put, the sweat and oils your body produces due to stress have a more unpleasant smell than normal. This means that your hair can be affected too, especially if you tend to sweat profusely around your face and hairline.

Thus, if you suspect that your stress is the cause for your smelly hair, you first need to determine what is causing it. Is it a momentary situation that will soon pass or is a more widespread problem affecting your life negatively? If the answer is the latter, we strongly recommend that you seek out a professional opinion. Keeping your body in overall good health should be a priority at all times.

5.     Get Checked for Skin Conditions

And speaking of maintaining your health, if your hair smells bad, you might want to consider the possibility of having a skin disease. Just like any other part of your body, your head is prone to skin conditions. According to recent research, more and more people are affected by what is popularly dubbed as SHS, or Smelly Hair Syndrome. In reality, this is an umbrella term for multiple medical conditions of varying degrees of severity that can lead to bad smelling hair and even hair loss. 

The most common medical conditions that can lead to the development of SHS are:

·         Eczema

·         Psoriasis

·         Ringworms

·         And seborrheic dermatitis.

The latter is the most common culprit behind bad scalp and hair odors, and it is caused by an excess of sebum that piles up and starts propagating an unpleasant smell. However, this as well as the other medical conditions behind SHS are serious issues that need the attention of a specialized doctor.

Thus, if you notice any excessive sebum, itching or dryness on your scalp, go see your dermatologist as soon as possible. He or she will guide you through the recovery process and your hair will be healthy again in no time.


All in all, natural ingredients are your best friend when it comes to making your hair smell good. However, unpleasant scalp odor can be caused by some more serious conditions that a rose water or lemon juice cannot possibly fix. If that is the case, your best choice is to seek medical attention and remediate the problem with the help of your doctor. Whatever your situation may be, make sure to always decide what’s best for you and your health. 

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Finding out which hairstyle for natural hair will complement your helmet is not an easy task. Get it wrong and either you have to throw out the helmet – a costly decision if your helmet isn't cheap, or change your hairstyle. Hence, ask any cyclist, and he might tell you to keep it low when it comes to your hair. There would be other suggesting you keep a ponytail which sits at your neck.


Apart from the constriction posed by your helmet, you have to keep another factor: wind. A friend of mine – who were the self-proclaimed owners of the best hybrid bikes, came last in the race because their hair was troubling their face throughout the race.

Another factor – which is important in the context of this article, is to decide which hairstyle is the most aero. For, when it comes to race – while we pay huge attention to components and accessories, our choice of hairstyle for thick hair can make just as much impact.

So, is it the high ponytail, the low braid, the low bun or any other hairstyle which is the most aero? We find out.

The Knotted Bun

When you don’t have much time at your disposal but are still looking for a quick fix, which is also beautiful, consider the knotted bun. Apart from being created in minutes, it is a beautiful supplement to the traditional standard low bun.

You can follow these steps to make this hairstyle yourself:
-          From the middle, divide the hair into two pieces
-          Cross one side of hair over the other. Afterward, cross the latter one over the first side.
-          Repeat this step to knot all your hair to the end
-          There will be a long knot of hair. Tug it into a ball
-          Spray and pin.
Congrats! You’ve made yourself the knotted bun

The low Ponytail

Although you might not be able to create it as quickly as the knotted bun, the low ponytail is still a great hairstyle for cycling. Provided you follow the below-mentioned steps, this hairstyle has the capability to survive any grueling ride you may take.

-          Using a comb, split the hair into a centre. Remember, you need to leave two pieces of hair at the front as we’ll use them to add some style later on.

-          By using both of your hands, create a low ponytail by pulling back all of your hair.
-          Separate a section of hair. Now, pull it in the ponytail around your hairband.
-          Use bobby pins to secure your new hairstyle
-          Spray
-          Of the two pieces of hair that we left alone in the first step, lose curl them both in the ponytail and at the front.

-          Your low ponytail is ready to go on a ride with its best friend helmet.

The Braided Ponytail

When you will watch it for the first time, you may think that you’ll never be able to do it – for its looks complicated. However, if you follow our steps – and are able to make a normal plait, you can create a braided ponytail as well.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be good:
-          In the fist of your left hand, separate a small section of hair from the front of your head. Now, divide this section into three pieces to start the plait.

-          You should act as you are producing a normal plait. That said, on the right-hand piece, you should add a bit more hair, before crossing the hair over to the centre. Keep on repeating this until every hair has been plaited. Finally secure with a hair band.

-          Now, push all the hair back to create a low ponytail. Now, again secure it with an elastic hair band.
-          From the ponytail, take a small segment of hair before wrapping it around your hairband. Finally, secure this with a bobby pin.

-          Spray to make sure your hair remain wet. In this way, before becoming dry, they would settle into their newfound position.

Head Wrap

There will be some of you – include me in that category, who might believe that no matter what this article says, they won’t be able to make the first three hairstyles. For people like them, we present the simplest hairstyle which any cyclist can make at a moment’s notice.

All you have to keep in hand is a bright headwrap and hair with short curls. Also, if you cycle to office and sense that the first three hairstyles might not be good for it, the head wrap hairstyle will suit any situation.

There is no complex formula to make this hairstyle. All you have to do is to get a head wrap, before wrapping it around your head. To make it presentable, I’d recommend going for a head wrap which has a bright color.

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You can now change your hairstyle while you're at home.  No need to set up appointments with hair stylists or take so much time to go to beauty parlors.  Just choose the new look that you want to have.  There are high-end gadgets that will help you go through your makeover.

For those who are not very familiar with this hair style tool, best chi flat iron is an example of it.  This is commonly used when you want to straighten your hair.  Celebrities use it often when they need a quick fix on their hair.  These tools come with different features, there are those with advanced aspects and others are just simple.  If you plan to get one, you have to consider some points before you purchase.

You have to know your type of hair. If your hair is normal and easy to adapt to treatments, you can buy those that are cheap.  As long as you have some creams and sprays that will prevent from hair damage, that will be fine. Just choose ceramic hair flat iron since it is made up of components that are not harsh on the hair.  You can also go for high-end tools if you have enough budget.  This is much better if you have a sensitive type of hair. It will surely give you good results.

The length of your hair must also be considered.  Hair flat irons have different sizes of their plates.  It is advisable to use bigger plates for longer hair. Then you must need a best flat iron for thick hair.  The wider the plate is, the less time it takes to straighten your entire hair and will not experience more heat as well.  If the length of the hair is short, a one-inch plate will do.  This is much handy and light to carry.  You will not strain your arm every time you use it.

In hair studios, they normally use best flat iron for natural hair, because of its advanced features.  They go for the top quality brand since they will be using it very often.  You also have to note how often you will be using this device.  If you will be using it on a regular basis, it is must be durable.  Better invest in good quality since you only have to buy it once.  It will cost you a lot more if you settle for cheaper brands.  This is because it might get destroyed easily, so you will have to acquire another one.

Changing your hairstyle is fun and exciting.  It is like having a new you.  You can not only feel the physical change but it will also affect your outlook on life.  It takes away your worries and stress.  But choosing the best flat iron is quite difficult.  To avoid any regrets, just remember to determine your type of hair and its length.  There are types of hair that can settle for affordable and simple ones but others can not.  Finally, know how often you will be using it. Learn how to handle the device properly.  With these tips, you can never go wrong on finding the right one for you.

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Before you start your day, whether going to school or office, you always want to be beautiful.  Basically, your daily routine will have to do on how to look your best; wearing the right clothes, putting on your makeup and fixing your hair.  Those whose work usually interact with people, they would probably put extra effort to look their best.  But there comes a time that you get bored of your usual appearance.  You run out of ideas how to change your style.  Do not get bothered by this problem, transforming your typical hairstyle can make a big change on your entire look.  You can instantly have a new hairdo using chi flat irons.  These are hair tools that will help you solve your basic problems.

hair straightening

These ceramic flat irons are examples of best natural hair styling tools that can become part of your daily routine.  There are several benefits you can get from it.  If you are sick of tying your hair up, try to iron it and achieve a smooth silky look.  If you happen to have a curly hair and you find it messy that it covers your face, do not worry.  Just iron it and your hair will easily straighten up.  Reading glossy magazines or browsing through fashion websites can give you more tips on how to improve your look using these hair styling devices.

Before, making your hair straight can be very expensive and tiresome.  You have to go to beauty parlors, have it done with hairstylists and pay a hundred bucks.  The worst part is they treat your hair with harmful chemicals just to make it straight and glossy.  At present, you no longer have to go through this tedious process.  Straight and shiny hair is possible right in your home using the fhi flat iron.  Aside from saving time, you can also save your budget, because you do not need to pay for your hair maintenance.  Just get your flat iron every time you think it needs a retouch.

There is also another hair styling device, aside from ceramic flat iron, that can alter your hairstyle.  A curling iron can make a difference on your dull hairdo.  If you think you want to be a bit adventurous, consider putting some curls on your hair.  It is not necessary to undergo harmful hair treatments.  You can easily use the curling iron and have nice twirls or crimps on your hair.  Like the hair straightener, a curling iron can not give you permanent curls.  You need to do some retouch on your hair to retain the style.

You know what's good about these hair tools, it cuts your hairstyling time into half. Even if you are in a hurry to go to do work as cutting jobs by using a chainsaw or any other cutting tools, you can easily fix your hair in just a few minutes. Because these tools are very dangerous if you do a silly mistake.  After taking the shower, even if you have a damp hair, wet to dry flat iron will finish it up for you in an instant.  It is so amazing how they can be very functional to everyone.  There are a lot of ways on how to change your hairstyle, and you do not always have to ask the help of professionals.  You can simply count on with these hair styling devices for some quick remedies.

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